The Day After

Snow fell here beginning on Christmas Eve afternoon – to Sweet Baby’s delight – and her snow people still populate the garden. I hope Christmas magic touched you at some point – many points! Here’s to a wonderful, peaceful new year filled with creativity, good books, and better politics.

“Her spirits rose…” will take a little mid-winter break – returning in 2018 would be the beginning of the ninth year!

9 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Same to you! Last day of snow falling on the blog. But how wonderful to have real snow falling in the Pacific Northwest this year. Have a good break, and we will all welcome you back in the new year! xoxo – Crump

    • Wasn’t the snow just amazing – I read it’s the only measurable recorded snow in Seattle on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in 120 years! Sweet Baby will think it is always like this when Santa comes.

  2. Safe travels, Katy, or delicious rest for you in the New Year. Your posts always delight, inspire, refresh. Thank you for sharing your many gifts.

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