Recalled To Life – Spirits Rising!

So, one can take a mid-winter break, thinking it would mean time to plan some artists’ books, and time definitely for dostadning. And then life can intervene. Everyone else recovered from the Christmas cold in good order, I morphed into pneumonia again.

It was a long blur of a month, much time with Frances (she does love a body with fever), staring at the Strait sullen with rain or whipped into whitecaps by a northwest wind that fretted the firs – and feeling awful.

The kindness of family and friends sustained me – and books. Books from Christmas, books miraculously downloaded onto my Kindle at 2 a.m., used books ordered and delivered – always attempting to stay ahead of any emptiness in the book pile. One book segued into another – many fine, challenging, beautiful, absorbing books.

I am so grateful to be tentatively recalled to life, not taking it for granted for sure (having screwed up last week into a relapse), but wanting very much to rejoin the world. I hope to write here about my January reading and to make February a month of books (and spring flowers from the archive).

Thank you for coming back to read here. I hope you’ll like some of these books. Here’s to February!

6 thoughts on “Recalled To Life – Spirits Rising!

  1. Katie, I’m so glad to see your post with the lovely snowdrops, but sorry to hear about your relapse into pneumonia again. I’m looking forward to your February books and flowers theme.
    Carol K.

  2. I was so happy to see your post this morning. Recalled to life!! Aren’t snowdrops such a wonderful sight? I love the little painting of them and the promise they hold for a brighter and healthier spring! I look forward to February books. Keep feeling better. Love, Crump

  3. I hate it that you were sick — but doesn’t the world seem fine and bright and new when finally you recover! May you stay well! xox, Vicki

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