Lady Baby turns three in a few short weeks – three years old! And she is every bit as grown up as that number implies. I worry sometimes about the Lady Baby title, maybe after three it should be a more grown up Lady B. I could probably ask her opinion – as a hypothetical – as in do you think if someone is three, they shouldn’t be called baby any more? She’d probably have an opinion.

Mrs. Hughes sent a wonderful little video the other day, cleverly titled “pre-nap, holiday spirit,” which showed Lady Baby, walking a little tipsily toward her mom, singing a forceful rendition of “Jingle Bells,” complete with hand gestures and emphatic jumps. As sung, the words included the line: “oh it is fun in the white horse open sleigh – HEY!” (Fist pump with the hey.)

I’m with her – ready to be in that white horse open sleigh December holiday mode. But first – this week – a week of true thanksgiving. I’m so eager to see everyone, ready for many trips to the grocery store and the ferry, exited to have voices and people about – ready to celebrate how very lucky we are. Even willing to cook the sacrificial bird (or act as advisor to the younger son and his sweet bride) – not my usual fare.

But just a quick look back at the October holiday, to add the postcard I sent to Lady Baby when I learned about her Halloween costume. Her own idea was to be “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” – such a good idea. And her mom gathered a most fine tiger outfit for her, fuzzy orange top and pants with painted black stripes, ears and a swell tail from a thrift store. In her face paint on Halloween night, Lady Baby looked exactly like a tiny version of Judith Kerr’s famous tiger.

Thank you for reading “Her spirits rose…” and many, many warm Thanksgiving wishes to you – for family, friends, and food – time to have tea with a tiger – and plan a trip in that white horse open sleigh!

The tiger who came to tea


6 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. And thank you, Katy. You know how delighted we are with stories of Lady Baby. I am quite sure she does not think of herself as a baby and might like Lady B…..I will hope to hear about her response if you ask her the question. Enjoy your house(s) full of family and friends!                                                                                                                                                                  Love, Jane

    • Hi Jane – I will ask. And I wish you a very happy holiday – hope there are extra people around for this holiday or the next, though I know everyone is scattered. See you soon! K.

  2. I’d love to hear her reply and yet another of your delightful Lady B. stories! Lovely to have you all gathered together. We will be sharing with a mix of Terry and my family in LA — tables under the palms…and a promised 82 degrees — hardly know what to pack as fog fills our river canyon.

  3. You and you blog are on the list of things I’m thankful for. Re Lady Baby — I have an aunt by marriage who has been called Baby all her life. (Her name is Virginia and she’s in her eighties…)

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