Rice Noodles and Greens

Everyone – sons, daughters-in-law, and Lady Baby arrived for Labor Day weekend.

Long warm days of walking the beach and tossing stones, visiting nearby farm animals, “baaaas” and “neigh neighs” – filled this visit – naps in the hammock or under the covers, reading on the bluff, and a long and beautiful river hike. (Lady Baby’s stamina surprised us all! Wearing a “Tin Tin in Istanbul” shirt and carrying and using my walking poles in their collapsed state, she walked at least a third of the six miles, we thought!) Both refrigerators were stuffed with produce and berries of the season, and lots of eating went on.

A few days before everyone arrived, I read a favorites list on “101 Cookbooks” and popped on a recommendation: “Flavour Bomb Greens n’Noodles” from the website “MyNewRoots” (http://www.mynewroots.org/site/2013/07/flavour-bomb-greens-n-noodles/). Good move!

My daughters-in-law are terrific, accomplished cooks and they make everything so easy. We tackled this greens and noodles recipe together (in truth I only pointed it out and then went on to roast potatoes and cook corn), and it was absolutely delicious!

Mrs. Hughes made the dressing containing tamari, sesame or olive oil, honey or maple syrup, brown rice vinegar, the zest of a lime, minced garlic, green onions, and red chili.

The sweet bride washed the greens and spun them dry (we used chard but kale would also be great – or a mixture of greens), removed the mid-rib, and cut the greens into thin ribbons. She put them in a large bowl, poured half the dressing over, and added fresh mint.

She cooked the Thai rice noodles, rinsed and drained quickly (she warned us that they would stick together), and in a large bowl, covered them with the remaining dressing.

Cilantro is called for and we didn’t have it, but we could add fresh mint from the garden – lots.

For the recommended toppings we toasted dried, unsweetened coconut and cashews (the recipe calls for sesame seeds also – something to remember for next time).

You can combine the noodles and greens and let people take their servings – or we plated the noodles and greens and set out dishes of toppings on the table. Like the recipe says: “Be generous!” – the toppings were delicious – it all was. We doubled the website’s recipe and ate every bit. It’s food that can be made as spicy hot as one likes (and the sweet bride likes hot!).

I’m still putting toasted coconut on my autumn morning oatmeal – and savoring memories of very happy summer days!

Lady Baby on the trail-1

7 thoughts on “Rice Noodles and Greens

  1. Katy, I am unable to comment in the comment box(undoubtedly a problem of  my computer and its user’s skills,) but I was delighted to read the story of your family all together and to hear about Lady Baby especially. I loved your painting of her with the sticks on your long walk. Thanks!               ~Jane

  2. When I was slowly scrolling down while reading about Lady Baby and the noodles and the greens, it looked like you had done a painting of the greens. I expected to see the noodles next. Surprise! It was Lady Baby! Now I will think of her walking with her sticks amongst the greens. Sweet painting.

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