Oh So Wrong

Needing an adaptor to connect my laptop to the cable for a new monitor (exciting development for laying out the pocket books on a bigger screen), I visited the local computer store. I said I had a MacBook Pro and got an adapter.

At home I opened the monitor box. It contained a multitude of cords, coiled snake-like in plastic bags. I laid them all out on the table, along with the Apple adapter, but quickly realized my new “Mini-DVI to DVI” adapter was never going to fit into the port on my computer.

I called the store and described my computer as a MacBook Pro, adding that it was a 2006 purchased last January. The young man who answered said the port should be on the right. I said no port on the right, just the DVD slot. He said if the DVD slot is on the side it’s not a MacBook Pro from 2006. I replied that I was sure it was a MacBook Pro.

Each equally politely irritated with the other, we had a couple more exchanges. He said if I brought it in, he was sure he would have the right adapter. OK I thought, glad to take it in, glad to show him the words MacBook Pro.

Never mind that we were really hung up on my wrong date (of course it is a 2010 model). Where did that certainty (and wrongness) with which I said 2006 come from? (Maybe I need different adapter cables to refresh my hard drive.)

Yet another lesson in the “it never pays to reveal irritation” category – a reminder that indignation should serve as a warning sign somehow (specially on my part where technology is concerned). We weren’t rude to each other, but being the sort of computer person who knows the body type of each Mac model, their ports and specifications, he must have been completely flummoxed. What seemed slightly arrogant was really just statement of fact – “You haven’t got a 2006 MacBook Pro.” Right.

He had every reason to be argumentative. I was so sure I was right, and I was so wrong.

So I took my computer into the store (all became clear to my chagrin). He found the “Mini Display port to DVI” adapter that I needed and sorted out all the cables, showing me what goes to what. He tossed a cable in the “free box” (one I wouldn’t need at all), handed me the electrical cord and said, “You can probably figure this one out.” We laughed.

The laughing part was good. And the lesson.

3 thoughts on “Oh So Wrong

  1. It’s a joke in my family that the only times I show irritation and/or take a stand on something is usually in a situation that I’ve misinterpreted or misunderstood! I love your adage about how it doesn’t pay to reveal irritation. I’ll have to remember that!

  2. There’s a new sticky note now on my monitor: “It never pays to reveal irritation”—Katy. Thanks so much for the reminder. I need to remember this!

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