The November Project – Week Three

Another week – a “flower brick,” a glove from the 16th Century, and a paper doll – who knew what flowers might decorate in the collections of the V&A Museum.

I’m wishing all of you the most wonderful week ahead – friends and family, food and festivities – celebrating thankfulness!

And thanks to all of you for reading!

V&A 11:15:13 Flower Brick

V&A 11:16:13 Glove

V&A 11:17:13 Wallpaper

V&A 11:18:13 Chair

V&A 11:19:13 Wallpaper

V&A 11:20:13 Bodice

V&A 11:21:13 Paper Doll

The November Project – Week One

It’s been a real pleasure in the early morning darkness to tackle a drawing from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s web site – many objects with flowers to draw! Technology was trickier than the drawing materials and methods at first, but that’s becoming part of the routine now – familiar and quick to post to Instagram and Facebook (after waiting till daylight to snap a photo).

V&A 11:1 Trouser Suit

V&A 11:2 Teapot from Bristol

V&A 11:3 Mittens

V&A 11:4 Cover

V&A 11:5 Biscuit Tin

V&A 11:6 Hat

V&A 11:7 Tile