Empanadas Into Galette

The inside of our fridge glows green when you open the door these days – kale, chard, collards, turnip and kohlrabi greens from the CSA and the Farmers’ Market – oh, and beautiful salad mix and heads of butter lettuce also!

The other week I turned Deborah Madison’s delicious “Empanadas with Greens and Olives” into a galette (when portability is not an issue, a galette is so much quicker). I combined two full bunches of kale from our farmer, both small and new, but still substantial – thinking the whole time – this is a lot of kale!

But the kale cooked down in the sauté and made a tasty interior inside Deborah’s galette dough, formed into a rough pie. It even reheated well. I was inspired to tackle a more varied combination with this week’s offerings – and the result was even better

I love to make “Yeasted Tart Dough with Olive Oil” from Deborah’s “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” – it works! Begin by combining a package of yeast and one-half teaspoon of sugar with half-cup of warm water. Let sit till bubbly.  Mix a lightly beaten egg, three-eights teaspoon of salt, and three tablespoons of olive oil together and add to the yeast.

Add about one and three-quarters cups of flour till it’s hard to mix – then turn out and knead for four minutes. Put in an oiled bowl to rise.

In her recipe, Deborah calls for 10 cups of mixed greens – but I use what I have – this time a bunch each of kohlrabi, turnips, and collards. Rinse the greens, removing the midribs. No need to dry.

Sauté in two tablespoons of olive oil, one small onion chopped, two garlic cloves, two bay leaves, one-quarter cup chopped parsley, and one-quarter teaspoon red pepper flakes. When the onion “begins to color,” add the greens. Cook till the greens are really tender.

Put the greens on a cutting board and chop roughly, addhalf a beaten egg, one-half cup of cheese, and one-half cup of pitted Kalamatas.

Then roll out the risen dough into a “thin circle” – about 12”. (Rolling out on a piece of parchment paper makes the dough easy to transfer to a baking sheet without rims or the back of one with rims.

Pile the greens into the middle, and pull up the edges of dough in a freeform way – leaving the middle open. Brush the crust with remaining egg.

Voila! All the fun of baking – smell of fresh bread, shiny crust orange with paprika – and many, many healthy greens!