One month out, I have to pause to say thank you to the people who got me going and keep me going:

Readers – thank you for comments and good cheer – I appreciate it all!

Jim Gilmore – first reader, best critic, the reason I can blog or do anything.

Mary Rothschild– wordsmith, writer and editor who protects me from impenetrable word tangles.

Carol Bryner – painter, for art. (Carol’s  paintings are  at

William Gilmore – who for Christmas gave me “WordPress for Dummies” and a sign for my workroom saying: “Entre des Artistes.”

Keven Elliff – who offered timely enthusiasm and encouragement. – for an amazing opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. Dear Katy, I love your blog. Your “voice” comes through perfectly and I feel like I am listening to you in person. Lovely quotes, thoughtful observations and charming art combine to make *my* spirits rise when I’m reading it. I check for a new posting every day. Thanks so much – hope it goes on a long time!

    p.s. found it via Willi’s blog a few weeks ago

  2. Dear Katy and Jim,
    I don’t even know how I got here on your blog, but wow! I don’t know if either of you will remember me, but I was Jim and Jeff’s secretary eons ago. I am still in Portland working for god forbid, attorneys! Katy, your blog is absolutely terrific – so wonderful to see your newest works and adventures. Hello to Jim!

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