Acknowledgements – Bird Photographers

Internet research for bird photos led me to  talented photographers. I also learned in drawing and painting birds that I tended to mingle the “scrap” as illustrators call reference photos, and use bits from several photos for a bird portrait.

Rather than trying to identify the precise photo used for each bird – I list all the possibilities (in the order in which I used their photos) with much gratitude for the generous permission given by these photographers for use of their images as reference. I also learned about Wikipedia’s Creative Commons – a commons full of birdsong!

Photographers make the bird notes possible. All their web sites reward a little browsing – amazing photos of so many birds!

I would also like to include wildlife photographer Deborah Schildt .

Many thanks to all of them:

Alan and Elaine Vernon

Dick Daniels at

Christine Vadai, Birds of the Pacific Northwest

Steven Round

Richard Cameron

Michael Woodruff

Glenn Bartley

Barry Wahl

Kootenay Nature Photos (Brent)

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