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Hello – I am Katy Gilmore, an artist and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. Welcome to my blog!

Here I write or draw or paint about books, food, travel or my family and friends – things, activities, and people who inspire me, make my spirits rise.

        A quote by the writer Fiona MacCarthy informs my thinking:

“Art is what you choose, how you arrange things, permeating and sustaining everyday life.”

Here at “Her spirits rose…” I often write about creativity, and The Workroom grew from that exploration – a virtual place where a group of like-minded people come together to accomplish an individual creative project. It’s fun to have support – and deadlines! If this seems interesting, much more information about The Workroom is on my website under The Workroom tab: www.katygilmore.com.

 Comments are always welcome. Thank you for visiting!

11 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Katy,
    Wonderful beginning. I can feel my own spirits rising on this very gray day in Alaska. I love the December rose.

  2. Thank you Katy. I like the writing and sharing, and suddenly, right there, is a beautiful, delicate, painted image. Thanks.

  3. Hi Katie. This looks so cool. I look forward to perusing it. It is exactly the kind of stuff I’d like to be putting down, instead of having it sublimate to the ether. Here’s to you for actually doing it! All best…Carol in Oregon (journal keeper)

  4. Katy,
    I just love your blog….. keeping up with you and your thoughts. A great pleasure anytime. I’ve missed you. I feel blessed that you’ve been a part of my life. Hope to see you at the tea!

  5. Chiming in 3 years after the fact: I was scratching my head, wondering where I’d seen the MacCarthy quote, and here it is! The memory of it floated into my mind when I read this from a 1940s book on creativity: “Ideas are new combinations.” xo

    • It is really, really fun to have these comments from you. It’s so simple, about ideas being “new combinations” – letting that happen is tricky, and so wonderful!

  6. I have just discovered your blog. It is so nice to know there is someone out there who is also a writer, artist and creative thinker. I am sure you will be an inspiration to me! I am just beginning a blog on WordPress, and am struggling with all the technical stuff. Hopefully I will get it together as time goes on.

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