Postcards for May

     Happy May to all! I hope spring finds you well and enjoying our emergence from winter’s dark tunnel. Perhaps because it stands in stark contrast to Putin’s barbaric behavior, this spring has seemed more delicious than ever before – alive with beauty and birdsong.

     As an escape from things one can do nothing about, my mind has been much occupied with flower images for my solo show at the Elisabeth C. Miller Library in July. So, when the Bainbridge Island of Arts and Crafts recently requested postcards for their first-ever mail art exhibition, I adapted some of the drawings I did for part of the Miller show.

John Gerard published “The Herball” in 1597 – full of errors and appropriations from other authors – the woodblock illustrations are nonetheless charming and a great pleasure to draw from. (For the show in July, I also enlarged some of the woodblock images into big watercolors!)

I’ve heard that hundreds of original postcards have been donated and will be for sale as a fundraiser for the non-profit gallery – it should be fun! (On view from this Friday, May 6 until May 29, 2022.)

Here are my offerings, along with all best wishes for spring to you!

10 thoughts on “Postcards for May

    • Oh Friend Katie – how great to see your face in avatar! Thank you – I am excited to post more if this work – have had the best time with words and pictures!

  1. So delightful, Katy! Wish I could see in real time! How’d you print your postcards? Sorry not to officially “comment” … tired to, but there’s still something wacky with my wordpress id that keeps me out. Sending love, Andie


  2. A colorful spring surprise this morning to see this post. I love the postcard paintings, and I hope the gallery has a very successful fundraiser. xoxo

  3. Happy Spring and Happy Mother’s Day my friend.
    Your show is going to be lovely. Wish I could be there ❤️❤️❤️

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