Snow and Sadness

     A walloping snowstorm hit Washington this weekend – eight inches and more of heavy, maybe good for snowmen but lousy for sledding, snow. Gazing out the window, I see the patio table turned into a giant snow cone, St. Francis wearing a pointed shroud, cars, lawns, and streets engulfed. Often impassable sidewalks force pedestrians into the street – trudging through wind driven snow.

     Our power stayed on though, and enabled too much impeachment trial – reliving January 6th, and learning even more about the former president’s efforts to bring forth his murderous mob. And then we watched as most Republican senators fulfilled the verdict’s foregone conclusion.                  

     Last week was hard in several ways. Lady Cora, beloved and beautiful dog of Downtown Abbey, died after collapsing suddenly in a snowy meadow with Mr. Carson, her favorite person. The vet thinks she probably suffered an aneurysm – one of those out of the blue life enders – a shock to the whole family and a first brush with death for Lord and Lady B. Painful, so painful. Cora was the sweetest dog, ever present. She is sorely missed in a much quieter house.

     Such is my mindset today, I see the snowstorm as just another hardship thrown at people whose paychecks depend on getting to work.

     I write on the weekend, but rain is predicted for Monday and a return to 41° and normal winter. February goes on.

8 thoughts on “Snow and Sadness

  1. Oh, I empathize with the pain your family is feeling. The treasured canine friend in our household passed last year, and next to his portrait is a wee saying: Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.

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  2. I love the painting, Katy, and am so sorry to hear about Cora. Thinking of you! Been immersed in way too much tech lately and ready to move back into wet paint and ink… Sounds like your class must be a delight—so glad! Love, Andie


  3. Such a sweet painting of Cora. I feel so sad for the family. The pets are such a physical presence of love. It’s rough when they go. It feels like winter here still today. But sunshine is promised, and maybe it will melt the mess on our street. We watch out our window as non-winterized cars back out of their driveways and get totally stuck in the berms. I am trying to avoid being one of them.

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