A week or more ago, my painter friend said she felt she was always waiting. She’s right. We anticipate the inauguration (to be held in an armed encampment) and the other (another) shoe to drop. We are anxious for the vaccine – and for spring.

But Biden and Harris will be inaugurated tomorrow, several friends received their first jabs, and a frog sang in the garden this morning!

Lord B is OK with winter, and very happy his Alaska grandparents got shots “for the virus!”

7 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I’ve had a hard time focusing this week- it must be anticipation for all that is to come and hope and worry that all goes well. One jab down, one to go and a new beginning with Biden/Harris….

  2. Alaska kids are tough – and creative. What a great painting of Lord B. Still waiting here, but the sun is out today, and birds are singing like it’s springtime. Light and hope come in small but significant signs.

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