Wish with Your Heart

   One evening last week, as they began to decorate their tree, the Californians called us on FaceTime. It’s strange to watch without being part – like viewing a familiar movie – but also jolly. An excited Sweet B unpacked the boxes we sent one ornament at a time – an ordinary family assortment, many homemade – some have stories, and some are good for making up new stories.

A small slab of painted dough, tentatively identified as an owl, is a figure of awe – a creation surviving some 30 or 40 years! To see the son who probably made that owl, lifting his five-year-old to place the star, is weirdly like watching life go on without you.

In the middle of the decorating, I told Sweet B I wished we could be together to decorate our tree. She paused a moment, then said: “I know what we’ll do – you close your eyes and wish with your heart!” FaceTime might be more reliable, but we’ll make it work. I want to embrace this holiday, be grateful for the odd and the familiar.

     And last week it began to sink in that a possible end to this pandemic exists – reading the New York Times’s timeline for vaccine dispersal, and hearing Dr. Fauci explain why the vaccines are both speedy and safe – I could feel spirits lift! Hope! Sacrificing togetherness, trading closeness this year for more years to come seems a worthy endeavor.

     But, before the vaccine, a bleakness confronts us this winter – hospitals nearing capacity necessitates a new round of closures – the outlook on all fronts is awful. We could close our eyes and wish with our hearts, and I’d wish for those who disregard science to open their eyes – and open their hearts to the suffering of patients and medical people. What a muck we’ve made of this. What a triumph we’ve handed the virus.

     To end on a positive note – back to the children and their holidays, both those in our lives and others, it seems a great year to up the support in all forms. I enjoyed getting things for Toys for Tots, in operation since 1947 and accepting donations until 18 December at drop off spots around our towns, or you can do it virtually. Books, art supplies, games, there is no specific list.

Ensure a little joy. This we can do.

9 thoughts on “Wish with Your Heart

  1. Thanks for the reminder for toys for tots, a happy thought. I love your granddaughter’s suggestion to wish with your heart. A good start to the day from a wise little girl. Sent from my iPhone


  2. Wish With Your Heart ❤️. My new mantra!. Thank you, Sweet B-I needed that hope and encouragement this morning. Hugs 🤗

  3. Wish With Your Heart ❤️. My new mantra!. Thank you, Sweet B-I needed that hope and encouragement this morning. Hugs 🤗

  4. Well, that little girl never fails to say just the right thing. I have passed along many ornaments to my daughter and her family, including the cheese puff hung on the tree one year by someone in our family. And then there’s the head of an elf that came apart at some point. I’ve never understood the desire for “decorator” trees. Bulbs of all one color, theme decorations. It’s all about memory and ritual and family love. And for the past few years my daughter has hung up a string of the stuffed ornaments you used to make every year. It stretches from one wall to another between their dining and living rooms. So cheerful. Spread the joy. xoxoxo

    • Oh, how wonderful to hear about this – makes me realize I am somehow missing the three penguins ! Back to the boxes in the garage! And yes, Sweet B speaks from her heart – expressively.

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