Dreams Really Do Come True – Maybe

     Now we cross fingers and hold our breath. Today’s the day – or today and the next while.

     But the first COVID Halloween happened successfully – adaptations and resilience all around from kids and parents. Some things were just as they’ve always been – Dorothy posed in her red shoes with Toto in basket, the Cowardly Lion stood bravely (and at just nine months, that’s a feat!), a Yeti stalked the streets (a perfect costume for a frigid Alaska All Hallow’s Eve), and a Skeleton Warrior (not just an ordinary skeleton) armed himself with a plastic pumpkin).

     Good luck to us all – specially for these four and their cohort whose future on a functioning planet is at stake!


6 thoughts on “Dreams Really Do Come True – Maybe

  1. We’re in good hands with that foursome. You’ve really captured their joy and their imagination. And I commend the good and creative parents (and grandparents) who help to make their “dreams come true.” I would definitely go with that Dorothy and her lion into the land of Oz, and I would feel quite protected by the Warrior Skeleton and the Yeti when headed into the unknown. Keeping our fingers crossed as we head into the unknown of this election day. Thanks for the morning cheer. xoxo

    • Yes, today looking better than yesterday, and yesterday better than awful Tuesday (which we knew would happen but still hard to watch). I am pretty discouraged by so many people accepting this behavior. But would love to have him no more the focus that’s for sure.

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