Postcards – Flowers and Vote Blue

I’ve been writing postcards this week – the last summer flowers to Sweet B – and postcards (with a whale image and “One vote can make a whale of a difference!” on the front) to likely voters identified by groups who have worked since the last election to flip the U.S. Senate and influence state politics.

A while back I expressed skepticism about the value of such cards – but I was wrong, and it seems a great idea to be doing something. My old friend, who lives here, has been penning postcards for the local Indivisible group for some time, and she told me how to participate.

The writing reminds me of being disciplined in school in the old school days, made to write 25 times on the blackboard: “I will not talk to my neighbor during class.” (That particular means of discipline is probably long gone, along with the blackboard – not a Zoom problem.)

During a first winter storm the last few days, I walked to pick up more postcards with rain dripping off my hood, stepping on fallen chestnuts, giant maple leaves, and around puddles. October always transitions us toward winter, but this year worries about a predicted COVID-19 surge and Election Day chaos amplify the seasonal dread of darkness and cold.

Fall is here. Winter is coming. The first debate is tonight. It’s all upon us. But it could turn out OK – let’s keep that thought!

10 thoughts on “Postcards – Flowers and Vote Blue

  1. I have been writing, too, through Vote Forward. It is salutary. One MUST do something. Tonight is important. Post cards to grandchildren are, too! We must, it seems, focus in ever more fiercely on our beloveds. I have been reading The Splendid and the Vile, and reading of British Pluck during the Blitz is bracing. Larson is a damn good writer.

    • It is salutary. Mine go to list provided by “Flip the West Blue” it some such.
      And that book looks a perfect Christmas present for two people on my close and beloved list. (Yes – I am thinking about that – only books this year so have to think early) – but I’d like to read also. Sounds great!

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