A Visit in the Time of COVID-19!


Back in early June, Sweet B said we’d have to give the proposal that I park a camper in her driveway “a little more thought.” And so she did – and her parents did – and yesterday afternoon about 4:30, an enormous RV pulled into our driveway!

Despite many weary miles of mountain driving, her dad emerged looking cheerful. The Sweet Bride (smiling broadly at the ending of all those miles) appeared with Sweet Brother – happy to be out of his car seat and bestowing single-dimpled grins on his unfamiliar (and ecstatic) grandparents! And finally, Sweet B, having momentarily retired to change clothes in her curtained bed over the camper cab, came down the steps and into my arms! Hugs – actual hugs!

In a phone consult earlier in the day, we’d discussed our protocol for masks and distancing. The camper has everything, bathroom, kitchen, water supply, and lots of food storage. Stopping only for gas and nursing breaks and spending every night in campgrounds with campfires and s’mores – they’ve truly been bubbled. And we live in a bubble. So now we’ve merged – just like that.

Sweet Brother was not enthusiastic about the journey, but Sweet B, by all reports, uttered not a word of complaint – she listened to stories on her “radio,” watched the mountains and valleys of the American West pass by her picture window, and slept well every night. On one memorable stop, after a little hike upstream, she floated down an Oregon creek with her dad. And now they’re actually here. It seems a total miracle to me, I am so grateful to them for making this journey.

I finished the painting I’ve been working on with crossed fingers since the plan was hatched, being sure that something would prevent this trip. But no – they made it, and we have a couple of weeks to savor summer together!

And it’s time for the August blog break. Thank you for reading, I wish August pleasures for all of you in our masked and turbulent times.

14 thoughts on “A Visit in the Time of COVID-19!

  1. Wonderful news! Being together is a blessing we won’t ever again take for granted as we may have done in the recent past. And the painting is PCK — our classic Katy! I still love my tea towels best, though.

  2. Ecstatic grandparents and ecstatic flowers. An abundance of life. This painting seems such a coming together of all the years of looking at and studying flowers and of the courage to paint them under stressful circumstances. And now the rewards. A beautiful montage of color and a well-earned reunion with the sweet and brave family. xoxo

    • Oh thanks so much Carol! That painting was a huge challenge – painting things as they bloomed – quickly before they went by – in all these years I’ve never done that – I usually space things in the table and gather them at once – and never had so many paintable flowers in my own garden! It isn’t real – all those flowers don’t bloom at the same time but I wanted the crazy abundance of June and July. Xo

  3. Oh Katy! How fun! We have our daughter and grandkids from afar with us for the next few weeks too. PURE JOY!! Easels set for watercoloring, rubber stamp-making tools, jewelry making with the Girl, making muffins with the Boy while watching “Heartland,” Daughter picking outdoor house paint colors, Father looking on, playing with the dogs, hunkering down in the triple heat and so, so grateful for every single moment.

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