Happiness in the Time of COVID-19

Writing in Slate, (https://slate.com/technology/2020/06/advice-on-reopening-activies-er-doctor.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab), Amita Sudhir, an emergency doctor, discusses what’s permitted now that states begin to open, and analyzes what and why we might choose certain activities. She’s clear-spoken and kind, and I appreciated reading her words as we grapple with acceptable risk going forward. While weighing pros and cons, she admits: “We are all in need of a little happiness right now.”

Dr. Sudhir considers the possibility of in-person family visits, and while I’m beyond grateful for all the electronic interchanges (and painting Lord B’s outfits has been a very real source of lockdown happiness), like all grandparents, I’m nostalgic for adventures of the past and wondering about the future.

9 thoughts on “Happiness in the Time of COVID-19

    • Yes – adventures – surely they aren’t over!
      Recognizing that such things are often passing fancies – I thought maybe the costumes had come to an end – but just receive a photo of Beowulf! Some of the ones here puzzle me a little – I’ve never had an answer about Playon, just who he might be. I know that Lord B and his sister are knowledgeable WAAAy beyond their granny about Greek gods – so those are identifiable!

  1. Absolutely precious paintings. I love the rock star. I had read that article before, but thanks for the reminder. I think it is so good to weigh the risks, and act accordingly. We had some outdoor visits with the kids and grandkids in Portland, and they definitely led to happiness for me and the Grandpa. The future is such a big question mark. Looking forward to even non-hugging visits brings special joy.

  2. What a wonderful way to stay in touch with the grandchildren. Those postcards will be kept forever! I try to share funny stories or pictures with ours and send them little gifts from time to time. We always see them (they’re a few states away) every summer for a few weeks, but we don’t know for sure what’s going to happen this year. Makes our hearts ache, we miss them so much (and their moms and dads too!). I’ve never taken time together for granted, but doubly so these days. Sending out virtual hugs to everyone today, and thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

    • Thank you Cate for writing – and for sharing your ways to connect! Sounds like yours are relatively close by – I so hope you get a socially distanced visit this summer. The summer experiences are hard to do without!

  3. I can feel the connection you’re making to Gus in your marvelous paintings of his daily reinvention by costuming during this pandemic time! It’s very different but I’m remembering when my daughter Katie hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (almost 3000 miles) with a good friend after her undergraduate college graduation. They were gone for six months. I completed the packing of the boxes they had pre-packed for delivery along the trail. Every time I organized and posted these parcels I felt closer to her. The postmaster in our small, forest-river community would always ask me for updates on her adventure when I’d bring the parcel for shipping. We need connections to thrive.

    • Susan – 3000 miles! And I think you are right about the power of connection in many forms. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to make these cards – and such an inspiring subject. The gun belt image is a response to Lord B’s reaction to the very first picture – the cloak and crown – he said “But you forgot the gun belt!” In my defense it was invisible under the cloak, but clearly important.

  4. I’m still smiling! Thank you! What imaginations these little ones possess…What a treat to share that and encourage it, even from afar. Our son arrived Sunday morning from California. He and his father are heading out the end of this week for a sea kayaking trip in Prince William Sound. He took the COVID test last week and is still waiting to hear the results. So far no symptoms. Strange new world.

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