Sheltering with the Alaskans 

Lady B made the drawing below of her situation (that’s Baby Brother playing with trucks nearby). But I’m a little doubtful that her speech bubble contains a meaningful comment, because we hear tales and see photos and videos of a giant pile of snow in the back yard for snow caves, and of great cross-country skiing.

Lady B is learning to skate ski, but on the downhills, she gets her skis in the tracks, tucks, and hurtles around bends. Baby Brother rides in a trailer behind his dad (a handle on the back allows Lady B to also catch a ride). Luckily, good weather and plentiful snow fill these quarantine days!

She sees her class on Zoom – she tells us they each log in with something to share and the big screen fills with the classmate talking, the others appear in little boxes at the bottom. We are all pixels now.

But there must be moments like below.

5 thoughts on “Sheltering with the Alaskans 

  1. I am so resisting the pixel life, but our young people will do it well. I am very happy to see Lady B’s thoughts and drawings!

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  2. It’s a new day to day world, that’s for sure. I’m really glad for the Alaskans that they can get outdoors, and that the sun has been shining. We did our first Face Time ever with the kids the other night. Our 9 year old grandson said, (jokingly?) at the end, “See you in five years!” But as you say, this too shall pass, and meanwhile we pass the time. Little by little. xoxo

    • You’ve been lucky to always see your grandchildren in person in the past. FT would be an adjustment- but has its own joys ! Must be strange to be in same town. Hope the five years a joke 😁 haven’t got too much wiggle room.

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