Flattening the Curve

The other day I thought, well, we have a new routine, and the whole situation seemed easier with a routine, changed for sure, but knowing what’s next in the day brings comfort.

That didn’t last. On our island the closures grow, a week ago there were brave emails from the museum, library, and art center about staying open for solace. Now they are closed, and bars and restaurants, and pretty much everything. The schools sent everyone home to distance learn. Our storied yarn shop will take orders on their website to be handed out the door for knitters. With a photo of Hilary Mantel’s new book, “The Mirror and the Light,” Mrs. Hughes wrote: “might help social distancing.”

The grocery store makes heroic efforts. Workers clean carts after each use, checkers wear gloves and wipe down the keypad after each customer. These employees are on the front lines without the protection of social distancing, standing all day with whoever faces them. The recent report, about an infected person “shedding virus” at a higher rate before symptoms, worries everyone. A favorite checker said her asthma reacted to the sanitizer (being used, not being purchased because there is none). Customers are grateful. And anxious.

On Saturday night we tried a virtual dinner party with our old friends on Bainbridge – and it worked! At six p.m., setting up the devices across the table for FaceTime felt surprisingly like our familiar dinners together. No standing around the kitchen island for starters or sitting by the fireplace for dinner – but laughing and rehashing old times, and this strange new time.

Now I wish I could think of a way to be with the grandchildren virtually – an activity to do together. How about you? How is it where you are?

(But here is good news just received! Sweet Brother is growing and thriving – now looms large in the picture!)

5 thoughts on “Flattening the Curve

  1. Hi Katy,

    Crazy times. Wonderful image of the new babe! At least WA & CA have wiser governments. Chat this week?

    Take care, be well!

    Love, Andie

    A N D I E T H R A M S W E B S I T E I N S T A G R A M E M A I L (530) 626-6181


  2. Love that drawing. It would be wonderful to have a virtual activity with the kids. But in a way, aren’t we lucky to have this virtual access, no matter what is done. It’s the connection that seems so important now and just to have that social interaction that lets one know they’re not alone in the world. I am hoping that this, in the long run, makes people kinder and makes us all slow down a little. That we can take a step back and reflect on what is most important. Thank you for this post and for the part you plan in keeping these connections alive and meaningful. xoxoxo Crump

  3. I’ve had virtual playtime with my granddaughter since her family moved to Mexico when she was three. We FaceTime and early on I introduced some small cloth mouse characters from Dana’s House, (and occasionally I’ve ordered them from Maileg, a Danish company) to capture her attention. I began with the castle and the Mouse princess and the pea.

    Over time, we both gained mice families, including babies, and put felt, scissors, Legos, and various art supplies to expand our worlds.
    We play on our side and talk and interact with each other and the mice on the other side. We build habitats, cut out clothes, go on adventures. She draws designs for me to sew and invents clothes designs that she can snip out of felt and tie on with rickrack. Her nurse can rescue my baby mousie when she falls off the castle!

    Now that she’s 6, we write books for Mousie, who wants to go to school with her. I borrow books from the library to read to her, and sometimes we base new adventures for the mice on what we read.
    As old as she is, she still asks to play with the mice, and that has been the magic key to being in her world.

    May you find a magic key for each of your grandchildren.

    • Oh this is the most amazing message!! Thank you – how creative and engaging and life saving! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am already picturing Baby brother’s farm in “Engalund” as he says to be a perfect starting spot! Thank you for imaginative idea and taking time to tell us! Xo

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