Sweet Brother

Yes! – the first post back for the new year introduces Sweet Baby’s sweet brother! He really is very dear and calm – the name fits. His mom did a great job of bringing him into the world on the 29th of January. He was six pounds, 11 ounces, and 19″ long, and he’s beautiful! He’s figuring out how things work in this night and day routine, and, with luck, his parents might soon get some sleep.

Sweet Baby, like her cousin, will be a terrific big sister, this baby already turns his head at the sound of her voice – he’ll soon learn how much fun she is!

9 thoughts on “Sweet Brother

  1. Congratulations to all on the birth of sweet baby brother. His name? I am so happy to hear that is well with the family. You are blessed, Grandmother Katy.

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  2. Love and congratulations to the sweet family and to you also. I love your painting of him all snug in his wrappings.

  3. This is wonderful news. We are awaiting our own LIttle Brother, due to arrive on Feb 19. We are all excited, and cannot wait to meet him. I wish I could represent him as you have done. Your artistry is such a gift to yourfamily, and to us!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful time for all! Brother’s certainly bring a lot into your life and make for many great experiences. It sounds like he came into this world with many anxious family members waiting to meet him.

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