A Couple of Images from Christmas Just Passed

The Alaskans’ Christmas card was the cleverest ever! The back shows a smiling snapshot of Lady B and Baby Brother, but on the front is a drawing made one night at dinner by Lady B and depicting, as her mom said, “her parents – besotted with their children and absolutely exhausted.”

It arrived while Sweet Baby was here for the holiday (and such a good holiday!). The second she saw the card, Sweet Baby sat down (for a good long time), inspired by her cousin to draw a large and colorful version of her aunt and uncle and their house with a wreath on the door!

It’s winter break time — time to recharge on dark days (although today we have sunshine and I can see tulip and daffodil starts in the garden)! The blog starts its 11th year (!), but I’ll be back I think.

Thanks so much for reading – may your new year be off to a fine start!

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Images from Christmas Just Passed

  1. Such great drawings! The two girls have really captured the adults using their own unique insight into appearance and character. Well done!
    I’m jealous of flowers pushing up. We have ice fog flowers here, which are pretty, but not a sign of spring. I can’t believe your blog is going on its 11th year. Congratulations, and hope to see more blog in 2020. xoxoxo

    • Thanks Vicki but no talent from me (their mothers both have plenty) – I just like to do this stuff – and so far so do they! I love it the way they observe and take pleasure in the materials of art making – could be a lifelong pleasure.

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