December Days

Bustle – and I hope it is cheery bustle for you all – not just the stress of “to do” lists!

Music and lights and evergreen garlands, flashes of red and green and gold interrupt the dark, wet gloom outdoors. I always love this season, and this year more than ever in my gratitude for life and mobility. But am I behind in all I’d like to do? Oh, yes!

In Hawaii, Lady B, her brother and Sweet Baby added their creative touches to our Christmas cards – between swimming in pool and ocean, they sat at a table outside the sliding door and used watercolors (including swell metallic ones), colored pencils, and rubber stamps to make every card unique and colorful.

So, before I begin to mail them off, I’ll post a handful – though it’s hard to select just a few – I love them all!
























One day on the trip, I found Sweet Baby and her parents at work – brushes in hand – so I can’t resist adding two of their cards.

6 thoughts on “December Days

  1. I love them all, just as I love my own children and grandchildrens’ creations, and those pieces of art become more precious every year. Thanks for sharing, Katy, and reminding me how lucky I am to have them!

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  2. What a charming idea! Stealing for another year . . . We just got the lights, and the popcorn cranberry chain and the red ribbons and the candy canes on the tree. Josie and her folks will come up later to add the ornaments, A wonderful time of year!

  3. I’m afraid I’ve been in the “to do list” mode. But these moose are so cute! I think it’s so good that you had the kids embellish your cards. My mom always let me color in the green wreaths and the red bows on our printed photo cards. I loved that job. Enjoy the season. Bustle with joy!

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