A Little About Thanksgiving

Before it’s lost in the December rush!

We spent the holiday with the whole family under palm trees – kids in the pool and ocean all morning, and, with the sound of waves in the background, gathered around the table in the evening. In my long (and I mean long!) life, I’ve never been warm on Thanksgiving and that seemed strange – and very good. Kauai provided crazy stormy days with torrential rain but lovely sunny days.

In many ways, it was just like any Thanksgiving – planning, repeated trips to the grocery store, and cooking ahead. And a homecoming for us all – back to a familiar place, where we have been so often at so many stages of life.

The day before Thanksgiving I turned 75. Holy Moly is what I say. It seemed a miracle to walk up the beach at sunrise, and to climb down a steep incline to our favorite beach few days earlier. In the bleakness of last February, I wondered if I’d ever see that again. So now I feel a renewed lease on active life along with a sense of time running out, and a stronger determination to enjoy and appreciate every single bit.

Watching this family have fun together in a tropical setting made that easy. Sweet Baby attaches herself to Lady B – they duck and bob and torment their parents with splashes in the pool, ride inner tubes and boogie boards in the tidal “river” that forms in front of where we stay, and read books from frequent trips to the library. Lady B can really read, and Sweet Baby hangs on each word her idol utters. Baby Brother also loves books and the beach with limitless opportunities to be absorbed in the work of digging and rearranging sand.

Earlier this fall, I resurrected the moose T-shirts I used to screen print in our basement. (So much easier now with modern technology, draw the image, scan to my computer, and send off for printing.) I brought along one for each, all different colors and sizes and styles – party favors on my birthday night. And, at Thanksgiving dinner, we sat around the table with many moose in the candlelight.

Lucky and thankful!

10 thoughts on “A Little About Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday & Thanksgiving, Katy! Sending love & congratulations & wishes for a chat one day soon, Andie

  2. Oh Katy, We, your friends, are thankful and grateful for you on this special birthday! It sounds as if it was a perfect birthday!

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  3. I remember those moose! And we cherish the house quilt that was first, I think, Morgan’s baby quilt. Your ability to scramble down to a favorite beach is wonderful to know! Healing does happen, albeit more slowly at our stage of life. I, too , many years ago, spent a Thanksgiving in Hawaii. We had several young children in the party, and as the adults settled around the table set on the lanai, with pineapple wine to complement the turkey, while the children clusetered in front of the TV for a holiday special of some sort, the toast raised was “To Mickey Mouse!”

  4. Ah! A warm Thanksgiving. It sounds so very pleasant, and I love thinking about all those Alaska moose sitting around the candlelight while the palm trees swayed outside. And what a perfect place for a “milestone” birthday. xoxo, Crump

  5. It all sounds so perfect. Yes, travelling through the seventies will make one thoughtful for sure. So far, so good, I say, and happy to be here.

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