12 thoughts on “Week One of Teacups for November

  1. Sweet little cups. Maybe you can revive the “friendship cup” tradition and save all of those cute pairs from the thrift store.

  2. What a great idea to draw decorated teacups. I like all those you show in your post. Years ago we stayed at a B&B in Victoria, BC., and they had a different bone china teacup for each guest. I started buying teacups and must have 30, each one of a kind. My husband and I would have tea in the afternoon and depending on the tea, I chose the right patterned and shaped teacup. But since he died I have only used the same one, the others are in a box. I think I’ll get them out after seeing your post.

    • Oh Vagabonde what a lovely story. I am so very sorry you can no longer have tea each afternoon with your husband, what a good tradition. I hope you will get your cups out! When we lived in Alaska I used to have a Solstice Tea party every year to celebrate the return of light on December 21 – my guests and I got to use all the accumulated and inherited teacups and teapots. And you are right about certain cups for certain teas!

  3. Love all of these. Thanks for posting them. I do miss our December tea party. My collection of tea cups never seems to get used anymore.

  4. Love these beautiful teacups and missing our December tea parties too. I still have the teacup picture you gave me hanging in my dining room. Think of you so often!

  5. This cheerful tea cup collection brings back warm memories of your shows at the Artique . I miss the shows and the Artique. And you. Do you remember the 25th Anniversary tea cups painting you created under unreasonably short notice for my anxious husband, a man desperate for a special gift for which he gave very little thought beforehand.
    We gratefully remain friends and admirers, despite the distance of time and place. Thank you, Katy! You area treasure, as is Teacups for an Anniversary.

    • Oh my gosh what a treat to hear from you Marnie! I’ve been dealing with my moose again lately and thought about you! Thank you for this lovely message – I was so glad to read it! Xo

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