Pumpkins – I meant to write about pumpkin harvest this week – but we’ve had four days when life rearranged petty plans. It’s an all’s well that ends well story, but was a rocky time getting there. My appreciation for my good-natured husband’s strength, the kindness and skill of paramedics, nurses, and surgical team overflows. There’s nothing for it but to express appreciation for life itself  (why don’t I pay attention to that every single day), and repost that cheerful Batman – along with his out-of-season but somehow triumphant flowers!

6 thoughts on “Life

    • Oh not me this time! Jim- but I’m headed in to get him from hospital. Came home over night because c came from Alaska and spent night there. And he reports all well this morning. Can’t tell you what a relief – slow diagnosis and speedy relief.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the rough patch, but happy to hear that things are getting resolved. Love the Batman, so appropriate for banishing troubled times…and with flowers.

  2. And you did a post in spite of this hard, hard, four days. Triumphant indeed. The pumpkins can wait. So glad it’s a good ending.

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