Five Decades and Holding

50 Years! My good-natured (the explanation for this longevity) husband and I celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary in California last week. I still can’t grapple with that number, but it was fun to mark it with the SoCal branch of the family.

From their house we drove north to a rented house in Montecito, (right near Santa Barbara) for three days. Cars and people a plenty, but the beach is perfect – white sand, hard-packed by the water and fine for walking. We picnicked on the beach, watched Sweet Baby love holding on to her dad’s shoulders as he caught waves near shore on a boogie board, walked along Butterfly Beach and goggled at the mansion built by the emperor of Beanie Babies, visited Ganna Walska’s Lotusland (built over decades with an astounding collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants, some 20 different gardens filled with stories of horticulture and history, never just one of anything but mass plantings of giant trees), played a lot of UNO and JENGA, and ate a celebratory meal at a Montecito restaurant (featuring fantastic plant-based food) to mark the actual event.

We laughed a lot about that blustery day 50 years ago, when we married in a cabin on Kenai Lake in Alaska – and I thought about how lucky I’ve been and how grateful I am.

Most often these days Sweet Baby draws mermaids – complicated aquatic creatures with elaborate clothing, curls, and crowns crowded onto a page – but she took time out to draw us on our special day in 1969!


18 thoughts on “Five Decades and Holding

    • And how we returned to your mom’s little upstairs apartment after the honeymoon? (I think we must have been awful tenants – the days of the Stones and Dylan on vinyl- loud!). Your mom always kind nevertheless. Really good to hear from you Nancy – makes me want it to be Christmas and time for a catch up!

  1. Congratulations Katy & Jim!!!!! You two are a real inspiration…. And Sweet Baby certainly is a wonderful artist, such a fine wedding portrait! love, kathleen and scott

  2. A lovely celebration and the portrait of your wedding day selves is wonderful, as evocative of the times as the mention of “vinyl” by you! Katie, you look regal in your colorful cape with Jim in attendance.

  3. That’s a wedding portrait to cherish! Crown, curls, capes and all. Your celebration sounds just perfect. Congratulations to you both. Long live enduring marriages!! Wear your crowns proudly. Love, Crump xoxo

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