My Best Portrait Ever

In the midst of a week when governments fiddled while the Amazon burned, and continual bad and crazy presidential behavior bludgeoned us, I received a welcome letter from Sweet Baby in the mail. It contained a penline and crayon portrait of me (she says) with long curly hair, a rainbow-skirted dress (with a tiny bow), an apple in a green tree, and a heart for love. Spirits rose!

9 thoughts on “My Best Portrait Ever

  1. It is the best portrait ever! I remember when your youngest son was little and saw you wearing stockings and a skirt, and said, “Mom, you look like a princess!” Or something like that. I like that you’ve inspired her not only to draw, but to send letters with drawings. Way to go, princess!

  2. Awe, such a special memory. Kudos to her parents for sending it to you and knowing how much it would brighten your day and the days to come! Love those little people.

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