6 thoughts on “Borrowed Flowers VII: Patterned Beeswax

  1. What a lovely idea. I’ve never heard of these, and they’re so cute. Do you wash them? I think patterned escapism is also a doable action and a good one. xoxo

    • You can wash then – but not in hot water! They make a surprisingly good seal. I read that the trick is to keep them on the counter and not lost in the paper/plastic drawer.

  2. One more comment. I was remembering how my mother always used waxed paper and waxed paper bags when I was growing up. Our snacks were always doled out (in small Crump-bits) in a small waxed paper bag.

  3. What a good idea! When I have to dispose of a plastic bag (most get used and re-used) I tie it into knots so at least it doesn’t blow around. I’m trying to avoid plastics as much as possible but it’s not easy.

    • It’s not! Do you remember paper dry cleaner bags? Of course the chemicals were worse then. Our grocery store recycled plastic bags which seems a miracle. I do love these wraps seems great to use that big one I drew on half a watermelon!

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