5 thoughts on “Borrowed Flowers VI: Soap Stories

  1. A new bar of scented soap is one of life’s special luxuries. A nice reminder.

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  2. I do love this story. And I also love bars of soap with beautiful wrapping. Not a fan of that liquid soap in a bottle that makes my hands smell like the Fred Meyer bathroom. I think I remember shaped and colored soaps in your downstairs bathroom at the red house. I always loved that little bathroom with the brightly colored towels and the pretty soap dish. My grandchildren love the tiny squares of soap in our little bathroom in Portland. They’re perfect for small hands. I made them by cutting up bigger bars of soap.
    That green and gold wrapper is certainly worth saving!

    • Thank you Carol! And that’s a good idea to cut the big bars for little hands – that huge Christmas bar, no matter the excitement, was hard to manipulate for little people.

  3. I love fancy scented soap — especially lavender. I often unwrap it and put it in drawers or in the linen closet. I once read that it hardens in the air and therefore lasts longer when you actually get around to using it in the bath. And I too have had soap wrappers or boxes I couldn’t throw away.

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