Best Spring Ever

In spite of wintry cold just now, spring began with a burst of early warmth and high excitement. All those spring truisms about renewal and rebirth felt personal, as I began to relearn how to walk and to regain strength in my leg. At first I’d clump along with the walker outdoors, awkwardly picking it up every other step.

But now I’m like a teenager with her first wheels! Wheels – yes on my walker – so I can walk almost normally. The surgeon says I’m a third of the away along my nine month path to full recovery, I have six more weeks with the walker, but can begin to wean myself from the brace.

Each walk reveals more spring – the flowering fruit trees in Winslow began the cascade with a haze of pink or white. Here, the bulbs planted in the pumpkin patch last fall – jolly jonquils and large Greigii tulips in intense shades of orange and pink – open wide in sunshine. On walks in the nearby neighborhood, I see little gardens where grape hyacinth and violets emerge under returning perennials, old gardens coming back to life. This Sunday at Bloedel, on a real walk, rhododendron blossom and tiny wildflowers graced the sides of the trail. I’ve been so very aware and grateful for climbing out of the tunnel of winter and gray and limitation.

The eggs illustrating this post do dual duty – really the Easter Rabbit painted them to accompany the clues leading Sweet B and Baby Brother on a hunt for their Easter baskets.

I can hardly wait!

6 thoughts on “Best Spring Ever

  1. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have GKT designing lovely Easter eggs and adventures. I’m willing some sunshine to match the day. Happy Easter, Katy!

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    • I’m the lucky one! I also hope for sunshine. These are Alaska children though – at least no snowbanks or moose! (And fingers crossed the clues aren’t intolerably corny. )

  2. Wheels! It must make a happy difference. I love your eggs. It makes me think back to the days of coloring eggs and making Easter brunch. Easter was always a little strange up here, with all the snow and the lack of spring flowers. Enjoy your hunt with the kids. How fun!

  3. Congratulations on getting your wheels, Katy! How nice to know you are making progress. Your eggs are beautiful…it must have been fun for the kids to follow your clues. We were in Arizona during Easter this year, so missed our traditional Easter egg hunt. But we do have our own resident Easter Bunny who likes to nibble on succulant young plants instead of hiding eggs. Good luck with your recovery.

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