Spring Survey Two Years On

Last Christmas our young friend and her parents gave us a tall prayer candle refitted with a photo of Robert Mueller looking thoughtful, surrounded by tiny, glittery stones. We’ve burned it most evenings all winter. Now the wick is hard to reach to light, the sides smudged with smoke, and that beacon extinguished.

Today I’ll just post a spring image from a more hopeful year – this spring doesn’t care, never held out hope for answers anyway. Flowers still bloom in our gloom – for now.

8 thoughts on “Spring Survey Two Years On

  1. Oh, yes they do! I can’t look at a daffodil without thinking of your paintings of that most welcome yellow after the gray winter!

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  2. In Portland I did my yoga every day while looking at your painting of daffodils. They bloom in our guest room all year long, and always cheer me.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hurrah for Spring! And yes, the report was a disappointment. But I’m still hopeful that 45 will eventually implode.

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