Recap About A Kneecap

My best laid plans for the January break got upsot – as did I. Foolishly rushing down our driveway, my foot slipped back, and my knee crashed straight down on asphalt, causing my femur to split my patella in two. Repair surgery was a week later on the 17th, and I’m no weight bearing on that leg for at least six weeks. I asked the physical therapist this morning about my knee bending, he said yes, but it will be a six-month project.

So with a walker I clump around on my good leg with my injured leg in a full length leg immobilizing brace, gratefully accepting a lot of help from my good-natured husband (who in the last three weeks has learned much about household matters and care giving), the Trail Boss who came for surgery and aftermath, and Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson, who came separately more recently, and friends – all of them bringing good humor, kindness, and competence.

And now it’s February, the little paintings I’d been working on still sit on my table, and the Photoshop for Illustration class I began online in early January paused at Week Two. The assignment that week provided dummy magazine articles, which we were to illustrate after making little drawings and chunks of handwritten text to manipulate and move by the instructions. We had a list of subjects to choose from – kitchen madness, studio madness etc. Now the title of my attempt seems appropriate.

12 thoughts on “Recap About A Kneecap

  1. Oh, Katy, quel bummer! Having been in a similar situation after knee replacement, I understand. The bending the knee thing is the pits but with PT, you’ll do it. The fear of falling ( one dislocated shoulder and innumerable twisted knees later) is what makes me a very cautious old lady when I go outside. Be careful and heal!

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear this, Katy. As a veteran of immobility, this will pass. You will heal. Time is your friend. Learning to accept help with a bit of grace was valuable to me. I hope you have beautiful white snow outside your window, as we do in Snohomish.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this, Katy! Like some others responding, I have been laid up with knee issues, and they do pass, but what a lot of hassles in the meantime. I am so thinking of you and glad there is some cheering sun today.

  4. So glad to see this post. What a bummer of an injury. I wish I was closer so I could be a helper. Sending love and looking forward to more posts and more progress. xoxox – Crump

  5. So sorry to hear about your accident. Sending all best wishes from Los Altos, CA. for a speedy
    and complete recovery.

  6. Katy, I hope your knee heals quickly. You’re lucky to have family and friends for support and help. Wish we were closer to help, too. Keep up your good spirits.
    Love, Carol K.

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