A Happy 2019 Wish!

And the new year begins – pointed daffodil tips appeared in the pumpkin patch a few days ago, the construction commenced behind us (which feels like it’s in my room – three excavators, a huge Mack truck, and piles of gravel loom over our little fence and shudder the house), but I’ll add one last piece of holiday glitter below.

“Her spirits rose…” will take a little winter break – and then be back for the 10th year! I’ve been thinking about marking that with 10 series of 10 – images to celebrate all these years and reflect what the blog’s been about. (I have to say it here to make it happen.)

Thank you for being such terrific readers, and I wish each of you a peaceful, creative, and healthy new year!

12 thoughts on “A Happy 2019 Wish!

  1. I’ve enjoyed every word and painting in those 10 years and look forward to the next. Thank you so much for sharing, Katy!

  2. Happy New Year to you! May auld acquaintance ne’er be forgot! I think ten tens sounds marvelous. The fireworks display at the Space Needle was magnificent! The boats in their holiday lights on Lake Union glimmered. A far cry from gunshots in the air and skiing in the New Year on the Park Strip. Glorious, all of it!

  3. 10 years!! Wow. This is really an accomplishment, and such a pleasure to us readers. Enjoy your break, and I look forward to your images commemorating your blog. Happy New Year to you and yours. Love and cheers, Crump xoxo

    • Thank you Carol – and thank you for 10 years of comments! They really do encourage and reinforce. Happy new year to you, may only good things happen! (It’s ok to aim high on Day One!)💥

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