A Spiral Story and A Book of Good Cheer

At the print shop last week to copy our Christmas card, the woman helping me said, “It’s begun – the holiday rush!” I commented that time seems to go more quickly every year, and she told me that a friend of hers says a life is like a spiral. In youth, at the big outer edge, time goes slowly, in the middle of the coil, years seem of similar duration for a long time, but then, as one slips into the center, the circles are smaller, and hence faster and faster. Maybe this is a commonplace – but was new to me and seems spot on.

So, for this rapidly disappearing year, one last book. On my recent birthday I received the perfect gift book: “Gmorning, Gnight: Little Pep Talks for Me & You” by Lin-Manuel Miranda (the genius behind and star of the musical, “Hamilton”). In short word salutations for each day (originally written for Twitter), Miranda channels Dr. Seuss and his own sweet soul. Page spreads feature a morning greeting on the left and an evening salute on the right, and the book is filled with charming pen illustrations by Jonny Sun. In an introductory poem, Miranda describes how the book came to be:


…Then we sat down together and made this;

It’s the book that you hold in your hands.

You can open it at any moment or page

With the hope you find something that lands…


I find lots to land and make me smile.

A Happy Solstice to you at the end of the week – the season turns toward the light!

8 thoughts on “A Spiral Story and A Book of Good Cheer

  1. Lovely pears! Made me smile. Happiest of New Years to you, Katy, and your Greek-learning husband! Your stories and art enrich my life!

  2. Katy,
    I was thinking of you this morning and how blessed we are to have two original paintings of yours proudly hung in our home and both stayed put during our recent shake down. I feel said when I don’t stay in touch and here you are, speaking of the book I just ordered for my sister.
    much love and Christmas Hugs to you and yours!

    • Oh what a lovely Christmas surprise Jill! Was so good to hear from you and that you survived the shake and quake – it sounded rough, and so ongoing. Merry, merry to you and yours, and thank you for writing, xo Katy

  3. Such colorful and lovely pears. A happy almost-Solstice to you too. So many years of celebrating solstice together. Thank you for the book suggestion. I need those pep talks some days, for sure. Actually, as the spiral gets smaller, I need them most days. Thanks for your steadfastness in keeping at this always enjoyable blog. It’s a reassuring constant in my life. Have a happy and family-filled Christmas. xoxoxo Crump

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