November Thoughts

It’s Election Day – but you know that and you will vote or already have – now we just cross our fingers and hope that things will change for the better. Writing about the good, drawing pictures about the colorful can seem trivial in the face of political gloom. But the wordsmith told me that the last post, with all the fall imagery, helped to “ease her mind” – so I’ll take that to heart and just keep going.

I associate November – darkening days, blustery weather, our turning inward – with drawing some series in the early mornings. Thinking I like book suggestions this time of year (as I stockpile my favorite gift-giving solution), I’m torn between wanting to revisit books I’ve read (since last I wrote about books), and wanting to make little watercolors to keep me looking around.

So I begin with the last of the autumn color on my morning walk – always such a lovely walk – a privilege – even on this worried morning!


14 thoughts on “November Thoughts

  1. Polls open at 7:00 AM and I’m off to vote even though it’s pitch dark out there! I know voting early is recommended, but I so love being there on election day to cast my vote…’s a privilege I cherish this year more than ever.

  2. Yes, it helps to keep focus on beauty and kindness. I have faith this ugly chapter will ultimately subside, and if it doesn’t, I am grateful that my life includes so much joy, including your blog and your friendship, Katy.

  3. Nothing trivial about these beautiful little paintings. They certainly lift the spirits on a cold and frosty morning here in the far north. A friend recently had surgery, and her doctor told her she was “cautiously optimistic” about its success. I guess that’s how I feel this morning – cautiously optimistic, but also so encouraged to see so many people eager to cast their vote. Keeping my fingers crossed. And I hope to see more of these little painting gems in the future! Love, Crump

    • Thank you so much Carol! And I keep wanting to be hopeful, but am afraid it is a jinx – I was so so hopeful in 2016! We’ll see – agree about the interest in voting – that could change everything.

  4. Lovely little vignettes! A much better use of your time than fretting and/or fuming. The outcome was not all that I wished for but enough to keep hope alive.

  5. How cheering your autumn walk series is as our canyon wall blocks the sun for a large part of the day. We too walked this morning, along the Blue River and into the meadows at the foot of the Blue River dam..glorious leaves and white water along the trail.

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