August Catch Up and September Plans

In August the Greek scholar successfully completed his course – missed nary a day, and now speaks of more classes in the fall. After many last trips (each time thinking, surely this is everything!), the bluff house is finally completely empty of us.

In the garden here, sweet peas climbed up and up, provided countless bouquets to enjoy and give away – then succumbed to powdery mildew. The pumpkins and squash engulfed their space – encroaching on path and drive – now 16 pumpkins (sugar pie and a mystery big variety) turn orange, and the squash grows stripes. The old roses bloomed a second, and even more beautiful, flush of dusky pink. The cosmos, planted in bad soil (which they clearly love), stand tall and bushy in front of the house.

Sweet Baby and her parents came to visit during a hot August week. She flew out of her stroller at the ferry terminal, saying: “I very missed you! I very love you!” (A spirit raiser for sure!) Though smoke limited hikes, we walked in the island’s woods, read books from the library, painted watercolors, visited playgrounds, made a cake, and set up our young friend’s doll house with people and furniture. We ate corn on the cob and blueberries galore, “cold ones please.”

Our old friends on Bainbridge showed us a beach, where you can pull the chairs stored there into the water and sit to dangle and cool your feet. Or if you’re brave and tough like my friend – you can go for a real swim!

I painted more blue and whites and flowers in August, and because September holds a big family adventure, I’ll post them for the next few weeks – starting with the one containing hydrangea (new to me for painting).

Oh yes, winter is coming, but so is this!


6 thoughts on “August Catch Up and September Plans

  1. So sweet! I can imagine that wee girl warming your heart with her greeting. I too am enjoying a visit from my wee girl(now 55), but she leaves today. Let’s have a glorious fall- you, of course, with an abundance of pumpkins!

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  2. I “very love” your blue and white painting with the hydrangea. Have a wonderful family adventure. It seems a good time of year to see new things.

  3. Congrats to Jim! And, my gosh, what a trailer! I can hardly wait! I love that you keep the blue and white series going! I hope summer’s been lovely… I am having some of the quietest moments to myself all summer. Finished teaching a retreat weekend here near the Columbia Gorge, and now I have the week to myself, to allow some meandering and work. Raining, of course, but good shelters and covered porch, etc. Bliss. Thinking of you and wondering what number to use to call you? Sending love, A

    Andie Thrams (530) 626-6181


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