Red House Bainbridge

In the middle of remodeling the Bainbridge house last December, our builder wrote from a holiday trip to Hawaii. He hadn’t been working on our house at all, but said his daughter had, and he attached a photo of the painting she made with a new watercolor set.

I love the painting in many ways, the perspective, the texture of roof and indication of clapboards, the dark door (still being negotiated at that point, but to become “Deep Mulberry”), and the leafy tree, blue sky setting. The young artist gave me permission to use her picture here, and I’m happy to post it – it seems to capture the spirit of the place.

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8 thoughts on “Red House Bainbridge

  1. Oh Katy, I have so loved reading of your travels, and these last few weeks as you pack up memories in preparation for the move. How wonderful that the daughter painted the house….it is so you! Thank you for brightening my week every Tuesday morning.

    • Well the Mensian windows were already there – part of what I loved immediately — and I also knew it would be red (again). So you are right, in many ways it does already feel like home – specially now that more boxes are unpacked than not!

  2. What a terrific painting of your house. The painting really has a feeling about it that says “Katy’s Red Houses.” So glad the move is behind you and you can now settle in to town life.

    • And isn’t there an echo in your comment of “Katy’s green house?” It’s interesting about house colors, that army green never pleased me like the red does – but I loved that house to begin with also – even when green. I’m glad you like the painting – I think it is so charming and just perfect.

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