Armchair Series – Outdoor

Today I will be sitting in a fine armchair like this to watch the Bainbridge Island Fourth of July parade. The current administration and its congressional minions seem intent on providing a new list of “freedoms” to celebrate: to be sick without the burden of insurance, to enjoy dirty air and water unencumbered by environmental regulation, to deny logic and science, to practice intolerance. The list goes on. But it isn’t who we are or what we celebrate!

8 thoughts on “Armchair Series – Outdoor

  1. Your drawing makes a perfectly prosaic item into something I want to look at again and again! Your text made me think of all the lovely things I have witnessed from just such a chair — fire embers, sunset on lakes, children messing around in the grass, fireflies, and parades, too! Happy Fourth to you, Katy. And to Jim.

  2. I like your dark humor Katie and yet, Bonny, reminds of us of all the personal-public moments that let us find joy. We’re staying home so there won’t be fireworks but it’s lovely continuing our gin tournament on the river, seated in our new red cedar adirondacks made by a 76 year old craftsperson in Pleasant Hill, Oregon! Love to pay people for their craft!

  3. We have those exact chairs here in Portland (bought for a song at the local thrift store), and I’ve spent many happy hours on our tiny porch reading and drinking tea and wine and enjoying the warm air in their generic, but friendly embrace. Hope your fourth of July was a celebration of many good things.

  4. Jo Michalski shares your comments occasionally on Facebook, which led me to your blog which I thoroughly enjoy. We are riding our bicycles to my 50th high school reunion from Seattle to Montana starting tomorrow. I saw Jim’s law office sign in Port Townsend when I was there for Centrum’s jazz camp a couple of years ago. Say hi to him for me. Monica Jenicek Lyall

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