Armchair Series – Flowers

When I asked my old friend on Bainbridge to send a photo of her armchair I’ve always admired, I was startled to see it had no arms! It does have a large, matching ottoman, and is covered in flowered chintz that seems classic in her old Swedish farmhouse. And then I found the same floral genre of armchair (the kind that places you in a field of flowers) in the book “In An Irish House.” It tickled me to find Sybil Connolly’s chair upholstered with fabric of her own design, inspired by the paper flowers of Mrs. Delany.



2 thoughts on “Armchair Series – Flowers

  1. These are a treat on a very rainy and grey morning here. I’m always startled when I encounter something and see it’s different from the picture I’ve been carrying around in my mind.
    Some of my favorite floral chintz covered furniture was in the little sitting room at the home of our son’s best friend. The Scottish mom had gathered comfy armchairs and a couch around a fireplace, and when I sat on them I felt transported far away from Anchorage, Alaska.

  2. Oh, I covet that second chair! But my husband wouldn’t like it and the dogs would want to sleep on it. Best just to admire from afar.

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