Armchair Series – Warmth

In addition to providing escape from the continual debilitating, depressing, mean-spirited news pouring out of the other Washington, the armchair project distracts from the iffy spring weather. Sunshine, we long for reliable sunshine! A yellow brocade armchair from a photo in “In An Irish House” provides it. My favorite part of the rattan armchair from Kauai is the little needlepoint cushion picturing flower-trimmed flip-flops.



6 thoughts on “Armchair Series – Warmth

  1. That little pillow is most definitely great. Sometimes it’s just the little touches that make the day. And the golden chair does say “sunshine!” Can’t say I’ve had much here in Connecticut yet. So I was glad to see that chair shining out at me from your post.

  2. These are wonderful! I, too, am drawn to chairs and we have more than we need and not as many as I wish I could have… But memorializing them this way makes lots more sense. Hmm . . .

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