Small, Simple Things

I regret my news consumption these days – responding to alerts on my phone with curiosity, dread, and some wild hope that things will change – a frustrating activity. What if I captured those moments?

Carl Richards, in a recent New York Times article, suggests how to “turn wishes into reality” instead of regrets. This sentence stuck out: “Small, simple things done consistently over a long time produce meaningful results.”

It seems to hold so much hope and possibility. A concept good for practical things – saving money, exercise, pulling popweed in the garden, and truly magic for creative work – the 15-minute freewrite, a drawing a day, a few rows knitted!

Having a self-assignment helps – an ongoing series like drawing teacups, flowers, house moments – assuring a place to start and asserting good pressure once begun. Lately I’ve realized that even the rabbit hole of Internet research on a personal project has far more benefit than incessant news viewing. (But still I struggle to resist.)

So I am writing this as a reminder, an encouragement – and to chastise myself. A short time consistently carved from the day might increase skill and will fill a drawer, a sketchbook, or a computer file. Whether those endeavors result in “meaningful results” or not, at least they don’t exacerbate anxiety – and do offer moments of absorption. Some of the best moments life offers.


4 thoughts on “Small, Simple Things

  1. I, too, have been consuming too much toxicity through news. I have been thinking along your lines except rather than drawing, I’m going back to morning meditative reading and free writing in my journal. In your lovely world of flowers, I’m am also planning for new plantings.

    Stepping stones, placing us in sight of where the spring rises, banked by oxalis in bloom . . .

    As always, thank you for your heartfelt, intelligent reflections…themselves flowers in the vase of our being.

    • Oh Susan you made my day. What lovely words. Thank you so much, and I am picturing your bank of oxalis (just starting to bloom here and surely wanting to be in the blue and white vase). And I will think of you in the morning while we #resist – with books and pens in hand! Xo

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