A Settle

The bizarre and cruel turn of events this weekend make this week’s intended image poignant. My mother’s parents came here from Ireland, and I always read “The Irish Home” wondering about the homes they left and what they hoped for. We are all immigrants.








12 thoughts on “A Settle

  1. “Settle” seems the perfect word for this post, because this whole situation is so very unsettling. Immigrants bring so much more than possible “terrorism” with them. The image of the Irish blankets and the comfort they give makes one thankful for all the richness that other cultures and their customs bring to our lives.

  2. A lovely way to honor your grandparents, Katy. It must have taken a lot of courage and blind faith to uproot and immigrate, and I am thankful that my ancestors did the same. Thanks for teaching me about this. My great-grandparents came over from Ireland too. Hence, my maiden name of McGill. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

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