Early Christmas morning I managed (with some pride at my efficiency) to get the pumpkin pie for dinner in the oven – and then left it there for hours while we opened presents and ate breakfast. I sent my old friend on Bainbridge a photo of the result, but then she countered with an image from the night before – the charred remains of her Lucia rolls – “425° for four hours.”

Sweet Baby loved it all – from waking up to discover mysterious packages under the tree and a baby girl doll, to having Christmas dinner on Bainbridge with little boys who know how to enjoy the underneath of a festive dining table.

My old friend (who was hygge before hygge was a thing) sent a message at midnight: “The evening was perfect – with all the imperfections.”




4 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. I have never heard of “hygge.” But I’ve certainly had my share of Christmas imperfections, and got a good chuckle out of the stories of the lovingly cooked pie and rolls. Happy, happy New Year to you all!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful pear! And here’s to Christmas and holidays and families and imperfection! In quilting we call our mistakes ‘religious error” since only God is perfect, it would be prideful to attempt perfection. At least that’s how we excuse our slip ups.

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