Just A Few Days To Go

Emotions fill the holiday season, I know that. But this one is different. I write while preparing for the arrival of our younger son, Sweet Bride, and Sweet Baby – and I recognize the privilege of time and space to make merry. Writing helps me wrestle my thoughts away from the anxiety that much cherished is threatened in the new year.

I had planned to write about Ann Patchett’s new book “Commonwealth,” to say that I read all six hours back and forth to Alaska, finishing as the plane landed in Seattle. In the beginning I was confused, chapters back and forth in time, characters I couldn’t quite keep straight, but by the end it seemed perfect to finish with Christmas and a family cobbled together by love.

I cried watching Patti Smith sing Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A’Gonna Fall” at the Nobel ceremony, and I thought of my blue-eyed sons and wanted to write about them, about how astounded I am by them and how grateful for them. They are accomplished and hardworking, and when I watch them care for their own “darling young ones” or hold their wives’ hands, I am undone.

And then today I read “How Does It Feel” in The New Yorker, the wonderful piece Smith wrote about the Nobel event. The link includes the song, and she tells of how she came to sing it, from artful choices and rehearsals through breakfast the next morning. It all fits together to honor art and science, family and friendship. http://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/patti-smith-on-singing-at-bob-dylans-nobel-prize-ceremony.

Most of all, at the year’s darkest point in the season of lights, I write to wish you all kindness, beauty in art and nature, and love.




13 thoughts on “Just A Few Days To Go

  1. Wonderful thoughts, Katy, especially those about your sons and their beautiful love of their families. Enjoy every moment of the Christmas visit! Love, Jane

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  2. And wishing you joy with your blue-eyed sons and all their darling young ones. Art prevails in so many wonderful and healing ways. Peace and love to you all and a very love-filled Christmas! xoxo

  3. I thought of you yesterday on Solstice, and all the teas you graciously held in Anchorage. Your gift for appreciation and celebration and artful representation enriches my life. I really love the little snowflakes falling through this post? Or is my computer going kaflooey? Much happiness to us all in the coming year. There is security in love of friends and family.

    • Real snowflakes! – virtual ones, but you’re not the first person to question computer or eyesight when WordPress starts the snow each December. (I love it too) Thank you for your kind words, and I like what you say about ‘security in love of friends and family.” Yes ♥️

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