When They Go Low

Today, thrown against the house by wind from the south, rain pours down. In the middle of two storm systems, I’m grateful to be home, enjoying each and every lamp lit against the gloom, relishing a warm house, and all the easy comforts of electricity – knowing a power outage could darken us at any time.

Yesterday, having business on Bainbridge, (last Thursday by the time this reaches “Her spirits rose…,”) I left home early and spent the day in the car listening to the news cycle, and found myself in tears more than once.

That morning’s announcement of the death of Thailand’s beloved King Bhumibol colored my thoughts. I knew the Sweet Bride would be so sad, I kept thinking how she, and even her mother, had known this good king their entire lives. As I drove, BBC told stories of his benevolence and concern for his people, a kind and respectful leader.

And then closer to home, the ongoing, orange-tinged insanity continued. Offensive is much too mild a word to describe the disrespectful spewings of venom toward other human beings by the Republican nominee. We have endured this for months, but this day reached the nadir with revelations by his victims.

By midday, bits and pieces of Michelle Obama’s heartfelt, furious speech began to be broadcast. I want to link the whole thing here, because Michelle put into words what we felt, both her disgust at what’s happened and her belief that “real men, strong men” don’t do this. FLOTUS’s speech in New Hampshire.

Listening to the whole speech, I realized that even in her anger, she left me with hope as she described her involvement in the U.S. Government’s initiative to insure education for adolescent girls around the world – “Let Girls Learn.”

I keep picturing Michelle at the podium literally pushing up the sleeves of her navy-blue sweater as she spoke of her hopes for young women (some of their smiling young faces in the audience) – making us want to protect them (and all children) and help them, never, ever disrespect them.

The Nobel Committee also lifted me up that day. The car echoed with the music and memories stirred by the selection of Bob Dylan to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature!

The honorable King Bhumibol, Dylan, and Michelle Obama. I want to fill my mind with their lessons, encouraging us always to “Go High”!


8 thoughts on “When They Go Low

  1. I almost cringe when I hear the news, and I cannot watch or hear T-rump at all. Thank God for Michelle’s wise communications.

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  2. The good people do stand out, and I’m thankful every day for their examples of strength, intelligence, and integrity. I’ve always been (as you know from long years of knowing me) timid when it comes to politics, but this election has made me see the value of “good” politics. I do hope goodness prevails next month. And I’m already so missing Michelle. She’s my hero. Thanks for this lovely post.

    • Oh you are right. I think we will miss both Obamas so much – such intelligence and class and such good parents. We were lucky to have them, and their enthusiasm gives me hope for the next administration. Thanks Carol!

  3. I thank you for putting it to us as you have, Katy. And I am praying and hoping for our new Madame President to be equal to the task of “binding up the nation’s wounds” after this ugly campaign. Whole segments of our population are hurting, and the solutions must mean less for the top, and efficient government. This is NOT an oxymoron, I dearly hope! We are a wealthy nation. We can change for the better. I have met so many young people who give me hope. Bob Dylan was the poet of my heart in my 20’s and 30’s. We had so much hope for positive change, and yet our generation did not fulfill the promise of our idealism. We fell down the hole of consumerism. I believe this rising generation may do better. The peace cranes are perfect.

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