9 thoughts on “The Quiet Week

  1. Me too. Of course I am thinking food – for the birds? he’s wonderful. And it was wonderful seeing you and William’s darling family. Sorry I had to rush out of there, but it was shift-change, and I had an appointment.  Let’s try for more getting together in 2016.  Love, Jane

  2. Hi Katy, it is a possibles bag…. anything that you desire is in that bag – how appropriate that Barbara suggested bird seed – it is just for those hungry birds. Happy day. Netzy

  3. I love these ornaments and decorations and keepsakes that carry with them memories and associations. Maybe that’s what he has in his pouch. All those indefinable things that make celebrations and family so precious.

  4. I love all these speculative suggestions about the contents of the little red bag – from the specific (birdseed) to the idea of possibilities – or indefinable things. You reader/commenters are wonderful – thank you!

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