Season of Light

Starting now with the darkest season upon us, it’s time to shut shades and shutters against the dark and light candles for solidarity, candles for early morning yoga, candles at dinner always. Twinkle lights inside and out.

As times change and families grow, I miss my old friends and our holiday rituals. I’m thinking of my friend who lives on Bainbridge, her fondness for the cheer of lighted candles – even the glow of a candle on the breakfast table.

And though she’d try not to, she always used to cry during the “thankfuls” around the Thanksgiving table. And I might get teary this year with so much to be grateful for (including electricity – truly a miracle when recently unpredictable because of storms). I’m so eager to see everyone and the little cousins together again.

Thank you for being wonderful readers with thoughtful comments, I appreciate all of you. I wish you warm gatherings radiant in candlelight, festive with food and family and friends!

turkey candle holder

9 thoughts on “Season of Light

  1. And your lovely Thanksgiving remembrance made me cry – the best cry of all. I am reminded every day how lucky I am to have family and friends and am able to get up every morning, make a pot of coffee, drink it all and do a day. I have a neighbor, exactly my age, a lovely woman who is suffering Parkinson’s . She is losing power fast. It’s a gift to hear her laugh and to be her friend when all the other people who see her are professional caregivers. She would really like you. I may not have told you some of my grandmother news. “Little” Jane became engaged last August to a wonderful young man, and the wedding will be next October on an island off the north end of Oahu, where they live.  Little sister Sally will finish her masters in counseling in May, and youngest granddaughter Mattie(from California) may be a student at the U of Washington(or U Dub as it’s affectionately called) next year. We hope that is her choice, as they have chosen her. They all grew up so fast! Enjoy those little people who call you grandmother. I envy you having them right there for this holiday.

  2. You’ll have a wonderful time with those little cousins. I too miss old rituals and old friends and family that lives far away. This year will be a different Thanksgiving for our family, and I’ll miss being with my children and their children. But we’ll see them soon, and I’m thankful for that. Happy festivities to you, and may you have a weekend with no power outages!

  3. Wishing you much joy and light this Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend! I’m so grateful for you Katy—and your cheerful blog! ❤

  4. Love the season of candles – we often celebrate the Winter Solstice with a fire on our river beach.
    My mother always decorated with evergreens after Thanksgiving – and – in the fifties – way ahead of the current trends, spray painted Bend, Oregon, tumbleweed and hung tiny blue glass balls on them. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with many thanks to our loving family and friends who’ve helped me through an illness related to my Parkinson’s, including five days in Riverbend Hospital.
    Know that you have had your health and healing journeys this year too, Katy. Such a good thing we love reading and our families! We can light candles for all of us this year.

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