11 thoughts on “Drawing October Days – Week Three

  1. YES!!! There’s the Katy I love the best. It looks like an art show to me. Or will it be a book?                                     ~Jane

  2. I see a gardener’s coloring book! With everything being so hectic in the world, adult coloring books are becoming a popular way to work out the stress. Once a retailer, always a retailer….

  3. I always find the pen line drawings so appealing and so alive. They’re favorites of mine. I have also loved coloring books all my life, and I think that’s what started me on the path to being an artist. And for me, when I was young, the quality of line and the variety of shapes to color in, were essential to a good coloring experience.

  4. These are BEAUTIFUL! And I like the idea of a coloring book — perhaps with each image twice so the spare original could remain pristine — or so the colorer could try different color ways..

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