15 thoughts on “Drawing October Days – Week One

  1. I am taken with this idea of drawing October days, and look forward to more black and white entries. What a very sweet tea set, and how wonderful to see one of my “Bloomsbury” chairs in this post. Sorry about your favorite pen. How attached and dependent we get to these tools, and how very hard it is to replace them. The modern ones just aren’t the same.

  2. Hi Katy . Your blog and red house are my favorites!! Please send name of workbook for TinTin. Jimmy loved those and I haven’t seen a workbook for series – googled but no hits. Warmly, netzy

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  3. Hi, Katie,

    I enjoy so much following your processing, of pen and ink and life. And, thanks for the Tin Tin recommendation. I know just the boy in our family for this. Susan

  4. Oh, I love your rendering of the tea set!! And your other images as well. Pen and ink is so beautiful (even though my fingers itch, wanting to fill in with color.)

    • Thanks Vicki, and it’s strange you should say that about coloring in. We were just in several big bookstores, and I was startled to see whole display counters devoted to “adult coloring books” – apparently meant to be tension releasers. Maybe there is a future for me. xo

  5. I like the Elizabeth at Powells drawing! It’s very Portland and you too… Sounds like it was a wonderful talk, wish I could have been there….

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